Interview with Isabelle Jaouen, Founder of Forrey and Galland, Dubai

When walking past the many shop windows within the enormous expanses of the Dubai Mall, one of the largest shopping centres in the world, it’s easy to wonder what level of competition each store faces. Arriving at the colourful chocolate boutique Forrey and Galland established in 2008, it is made abundantly clear how the business has raised the bar and thus managed to set itself apart. A beautiful decoration of crystal balls hangs from the ceiling, overlooking long glass counters filled with an unimaginable variety of chocolates. The boutique feels more like a luxurious living room than a shopping mall storefront.

Just opposite, sat on one of the comfy chairs that fill the boutique sits founder of Forrey And Galland, Isabelle Jaouen. Together with her husband Vincent, Isabelle established this dimension of high-end chocolate, basing their brand on the legacy of a reputed Parisian chocolatier established in 1912. Today, the Forrey and Galland atelier employs over 100 people in the UAE who are tirelessly creating innovative flavours and distinctive packaging for its customers. While discussing the business at length Isabelle Jaouen serves up a few of Forrey and Galland’s latest treats, setting the tone for a tasty tale of sweets.