Conversation with Patricia Ghany, CFO of Esau Oilfield Supplies Company Limited, Trinidad

The coastal expanse of Trinidad and Tobago brings to mind palm trees, idyllic waterfronts; paradise. Just 11 kilometres north of South America, the islands are rumoured to be an inspiration for the legendary adventures of Robinson Crusoe and so business might be the furthest thing from one’s mind. Like so many other Caribbean islands, however, Trinidad and Tobago are much more than meets the eye. Home to a myriad of different cultures, the country has a 99 % literacy rate, a highly educated population and a subsequently fascinating landscape for business.

This family business story starts in 1972 when Esau and Joyce Ghany established what is today known as the Esau Oilfield Supplies Company Limited (ESAU). Prior to founding ESAU he owned a business with his brother also in the energy sector which found an abrupt end due to a family conflict. Coupling his entrepreneurial lineage with his wife’s financial skills and enthusiasm, Esau set out to running what was then a small business. Today Esau Oilfield Supplies is one of the leading suppliers of pipe valves, gaskets, and pipe fittings to the petrochemical and oil gas sectors in Trinidad. Over the past ten years, the family business has become more involved in EPC contract work, which is centred on energy procurement and construction, working with the likes of Worley Parsons, Wood Group, and Fluor Daniel.

Esau and Joyce Ghany’s three children, Patricia, Peter, and Paul joined the family business one by one after having been exposed to its vision throughout their childhood. Peter heads marketing and Paul oversees the Latin American division while Patricia is the CFO and Joyce Ghany is now the CEO, a position she took over after her husband passed away.

When Patricia Ghany was a little girl, she decided that she would open her own pastry shop. How, instead, she became CFO of her family’s business she reveals in the following conversation with Tharawat magazine.