Interview with Till Schoeffel, CEO of Schoeffel, Germany

Founded in 1921 by German pearl trader Wilhelm Schoeffel, the Schoeffel family has dedicated itself to locating the world’s most beautiful pearls. Four generations in, the family has gained acclaim for designing a line of jewellery fit to house the carefully selected gems. Handed down from father to son for nearly a century, the Schoeffel brand has penetrated markets around the globe, continually fulfilling its promise to provide the highest quality standards. But what lies at the heart of the family’s quest for perfection? And how has the Schoeffel family been so consistently successful in what is today a rare trade? In interviewing Till Schoeffel, the CEO of Schoeffel, Tharawat magazine learned of the attributes that have allowed the family brand to sustain over 90 years of success.