Interview with Federico Grom, Co-Founder, Grom, Italy

The story behind the successful gelato brand Grom is in essence one of friendship. When Guido Martinetti and Federico Grom met in their teenage years they did not know that many years later they would embark on an incredible adventure together. About a decade ago both men were engaged in separate focuses, working in industries a world away from gelato. Guido was a winemaker deeply involved in agriculture, whilst Federico was the CFO of a multinational company, which dealt in facilitating financial operations and mergers.

One day, Guido read an article about the dying art of Italian gelato production based on artisanal best practice. Inspired by the obvious gap in the market, he set out to convince his good friend Federico of a new idea. By combining Guido’s knowledge of food and agriculture and Federico’s management expertise, the two friends would ambitiously set out to produce the best gelato in the world. In the following interview, Federico Grom speaks to Tharawat magazine about how crazy an idea has to be in order to work, the importance friendship represents in the pursuit of success, and most of all the love of gelato.