Randel Carlock

A Family Business on the Moon – Lessons from the Author
Image courtesy of Randel Carlock.

Randel Carlock takes a singularly pragmatic approach to the subject of family business management. His latest book, A Family Business on the Moon, written with Keng-Fun Loh, is not a textbook or self-help volume. Instead of describing family business dynamics through dense theoretical terminology or the lens of case studies, their book gives readers access to a lifetime of aggregated wisdom from teaching and consulting with family businesses around the world for over 25 years, condensed into a series of practical exercises.

Carlock and Loh emphasise the human dimension. They assert that consulting efforts often fall short by focusing exclusively on business planning at the expense of planning for the family. A Family Business on the Moon demonstrates the importance of focusing on both aspects simultaneously to sustain long-term success in the family enterprise.

A Family Business on the Moon is Prof. Carlock’s sixth book on the topic of family business strategy. His years of experience as a CEO and family business consultant, coupled with his postgraduate degrees in both entrepreneurship and psychology, uniquely qualify him to address the challenges of family businesses across industries and geographies.