Image courtesy of Okabashi Brands.

When in the late 1970s the Iranian Revolution took hold, shoemaker and businessman Rahim Irvani was forced to leave his home country and start over elsewhere. Rahim brought his skills and experience to the USA, placed his hopes in the country’s business-friendly reputation and built the footwear company Okabashi Brands from the ground up. When other American firms in the industry began outsourcing, Irvani decided to swim against the tide. He kept production in the USA, betting everything on quality and sustainability.

Okabashi has been crafting exceptionally comfortable and distinctively stylish footwear since 1984. Using sustainable products in a closed-loop, environmentally friendly manufacturing process, Okabashi incorporates their vision as a company and their values as a family into every aspect of their operations.

In 2017, Rahim Irvani’s granddaughter, Sara Irvani, took over from her father Bahman as the CEO of the company. Carrying her family’s legacy with confidence, Sara is ensuring the continuation of Okabashi’s success through the third generation and beyond.