Michael Haenlein

Why So Many Businesses Are Missing the AI Revolution
Image courtesy of Michael Haenlein.

Michael Haenlein is a Marketing Professor and Scientific Director of the ESCP Europe Research Centre on Big Data. He also holds Visiting Positions at Kozminski University in Warsaw (Poland), Trinity College in Dublin (Ireland) and the Wroclaw University of Economics (Poland).

Professor Haenlein’s research interest and expertise deal with the subjects of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Social Media. In particular, he analyses the relationship between social networks and customer profitability and, more broadly, the concepts of Social CRM, Word of Mouth (WoM) and Customer Social Value.

His recent article co-authored with Andreas Kaplan, Siri, Siri, in my Hand: Who’s the Fairest in the Land? On the interpretations, Illustrations, and Implications of Artificial Intelligence, explores practical approaches to the categorisation of AI.