What is Transformational Leadership?

Image courtesy of Rania Labaki
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The Family Business Voice
What is Transformational Leadership?

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Rania Labaki speaks with Ramia about how family businesses can support transformational leadership through governance, an exceptional skill in the face of disruption and adversity.

Rania Labaki is the Director of the EDHEC Family Business Centre and Associate Professor of Management at EDHEC Business School. She also sits on several boards, including those of the predominant academic journals devoted to family business, offering her expertise both in an advisory and editorial capacity.

In her work with family businesses all over the world, she’s seen transformational leadership in action, and has cultivated a deep understanding of the structures that make that transformational leadership possible in the first place.

– Transformational leaders are agents of positive change in their family businesses. They set a course based on their values and motivate others to follow along in their stead, creating a ripple effect that stands to benefit the entire organisation.

– Leadership is in no means static. Transformational leaders are perceptive, and act accordingly to the environment they are in, letting their context inspire or amplify the change they create.

– Transformational leaders often initiate the process of building governance into the family business. Once that framework has been established, it paves the way for other transformational leaders, especially next-gens, to find their place and create the greatest impact.

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