How Can a Strategic Partnership Help Your Business Expand?

Edward Gallagher, image courtesy of IPO.
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The Family Business Voice
How Can a Strategic Partnership Help Your Business Expand?

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Edward Gallagher, CEO of Irish Premium Oysters, speaks with Ramia about Ireland’s aquaculture industry, the impact of climate change on shellfish and the strategic partnership that helped their business expand.

– Edward’s father, Jimmy Gallagher, started Irish Premium Oysters in the mid-90s hoping that his son would one day take an interest in entrepreneurship.

– The international market for shellfish, and Irish Premium Oysters’ strategic partnerships with international dealers who have access to that market, has driven their expansion.

– It’s not merely about the bottom line at Irish Premium Oysters. Sustainable aquaculture has been woven into the DNA of the multigenerational family business, and they have the accreditations to prove it.

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