What does it take to scale the family business?

What does it take to scale the family business?
Ryan Margolin; image courtesy of Professional Hair Labs
Ryan Margolin What does it take to scale the family business?
The Family Business Voice
What does it take to scale the family business?

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Ryan Margolin talks about the entrepreneurial path that led him to become CEO of Professional Hair Labs, a global leader in cosmetic bonding.

Growing up with business-owning parents helped influence Ryan’s pursuit of personal and professional development, which continued after relaunching his father’s business and shaped the strategies he used to expand it. Ryan discusses the process that led him to alter the trajectory of the business and the lessons learned along the way by its family of stakeholders. Ryan also talks about how following his core principles informed his approach to leadership and why that is still so important to him.

-Failing is as much a part of the entrepreneurial experience as succeeding. Often moving forward means examining failures from different perspectives, and empathy is the key to understanding those diverse points of view.

-Ego can act as a barrier to greater growth as an entrepreneur. Realising you need help to achieve your goals, especially as those goals shift upward, is an important step to taking your business to the next level.

-For many people, the business journey is reflected in direct relation and proportion to the effort they’re willing to put into figuring it out. The difference between finding the right direction and staying lost is sometimes simply a failure of commitment.

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