How Can Community Be A Competitive Advantage?

John J Lamont and his mother Fay; image courtesy of Nowchem
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The Family Business Voice
How Can Community Be A Competitive Advantage?

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, John J Lamont from Nowchem talks with Ramia about how his family’s bond shaped their succession strategy and how these experiences might translate to the family’s next generation of leaders.

– John and his siblings literally grew up in the chemical factory, even living on-premise for a year after their parents relocated the family and started the business — an experience that brought them closer together.

– The Lamont family approached succession in the most pragmatic way, starting an open, honest dialogue between everyone involved years before transition was imminent. As a result, John was able to make ambitious plans for the future, confident that family issues wouldn’t stand in the way of Nowchem’s expansion.

– Nowchem has played a critical role in their community through the pandemic, staying open six days a week to manufacture cleaning supplies and keep people employed.

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