How Can You Pave Your Entrepreneurial Path as a Next Gen?

Abdulrahman Al Bassam
Abdulrahman Al Bassam; image courtesy of AWN
The Family Business Voice
The Family Business Voice
How Can You Pave Your Entrepreneurial Path as a Next Gen?

On this episode of the Family Business Voice, we talk to Abdulrahman Al Bassam, the Co-founder and CEO of AWN Enterprises, the CEO of Tilal Real Estate Development Company and a member of one of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s renowned family businesses, Al Bassam & Sons.

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Abdulrahman speaks with us about the unique entrepreneurial journey he’s been on and how he is contributing to his family’s legacy, the challenges of bringing change in a family business environment, and how a culture based on consistency can take a company toward its full potential.

– Working at the family business, Abdulrahman realised it wasn’t feasible for him to implement the bold agenda he had in mind — it wouldn’t appear fair to his cousins. So, he ventured out on his own.

– With the support of both Al Bassam & Sons and his wife, Norah’s, family business, the Tamimi Group, the couple established AWN Enterprises in 2009, a successful investment firm.

– Abdulrahman’s entrepreneurial model compliments his family business but also allows him to follow his own path — an ideal scenario where both the individual and the collective prosper.

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