How Can Technology Increase Competitiveness in the Family Business?

Steven, Chris and Mitch Bosley; image courtesy of Amorini
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The Family Business Voice
How Can Technology Increase Competitiveness in the Family Business?

Chris Bosley’s passion for entrepreneurship led him back to the family business, Amorini, an industry leader in kitchen and joinery components. Now, he works alongside his brother, Mitch, father Steven and uncle Paul Atkins, diversifying Amorini’s product offering and developing a proprietary software platform called the Amorini Edge.

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Chris and Ramia talk about Amorini’s family business dynamic, it’s new technological underpinnings and its continued commitment to the people that make it all possible.

– Working outside Amorini with various start-ups provided Chris with a unique entrepreneurial environment, but he always felt somewhat removed because it was someone else’s money at risk. By joining the family business, he became directly invested in its success and ensuring the longevity of its legacy.

Helping others grow remains one of the fundamental principles of Amorini, and a value that Steven Bosley instilled in his sons from an early age.

– The brothers know their strengths and are encouraged to excel in their respective areas. Having clearly defined roles has allowed Steven, and others, to watch the next-gen grow.

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