How can Next-generation Owners Lead with Purpose?

Sheree Robartson, Peter Hilton and Genette Gregson; image courtesy of ASTS
The Family Business Voice
How can Next-generation Owners Lead with Purpose?

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On this episode of The Family Business Voice, we spoke to Genette Gregson, CEO of All States Trailer Spares (ASTS), about open communication, next-generation structuring and the characteristic family business work ethic.

Since ASTS was founded by Genette’s father, Peter Hilton, in 1997, it’s become one of the industry leaders as a distributor of spare parts for trailers to the automotive, industrial and OEM markets in Australia and New Zealand. Genette now works closely with her sister, Sheree Robartson, who helps steer the business as a director.

– Genette and Sheree came into the business on a permanent basis after establishing successful careers elsewhere. Both credit these experiences with helping them transition to leadership roles in a male-dominated industry.

– For Genette, working with family means a level of support that non-family businesses simply can’t offer. Because they know each other so well, Genette and Sheree can step in to help one other when needed, often without verbalising the need to do so.

– ASTS has benefitted from the formalisation Genette and Sheree have implemented since taking over from their father. Gone are the days of stock paper, which for a company with over 5000 SKUs has been a gamechanger.