How can leaders enable change in a legacy business?

Laurette Rodenet
Laurette Rondenet; image courtesy of Edlong
The Family Business Voice
How can leaders enable change in a legacy business?

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Laurette Rondenet discusses her journey with Edlong, a family business and leading innovator in the food-flavourings industry.

Laurette has been Edlong’s principal owner, President and CEO since 2012, making her the first and only woman to own a food flavouring company in the world. She sits on the board of several national and international business organisations and currently serves as the Vice President & Secretary of the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association of the United States. Laurette talks to us about what it takes to build a culture of innovation in a legacy business, the role of family dynamics and the journey towards defining her own leadership style.

– Fighting imposter syndrome and acknowledging your true power is the first step in owning your legacy. Trust that you own your accomplishments.

– The next generation can’t be their parents; they have to find their own voice and approach to leadership, which is difficult.

– Create an atmosphere that engenders authentic belonging. A culture where people can be themselves means that people will find their own way to success both for themselves and for the business.

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