BIC: How do you Transform a Legacy Business?

BIC: an Iconic Transformation
Bruno and Gonzalve Bich; image courtesy of BIC, copyright Damien Grenon
The Family Business Voice
The Family Business Voice
BIC: How do you Transform a Legacy Business?

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On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Gonzalve Bich, CEO and third-generation owner of BIC, speaks with Ramia about the visionary spirit that inspired the company’s evolution and how digitalisation represents a transformative opportunity for BIC and other family firms.

Since 2018, Gonzalve Bich has been the CEO of the family business his grandfather, Marcel Bich, founded in 1945. He is guiding BIC through this period of unprecedented change using the same precepts of empowerment and family cohesion that made BIC a global brand in the first place.

Episode Takeaways

-The ability to transform has been one of BIC’s most important assets. The company places a high degree of trust in its people, which, Gonzalve explains, has been a key component in BIC’s international expansion — allowing BIC to adapt to every market at the local level. Adaptability is an asset that many family businesses possess, and it’s especially important now in this time of disruption.

-Change simply for the sake of change is counterproductive, but re-evaluating strategies — even core business categories — is sometimes required to generate new successes. BIC leveraged this philosophy in developing its recent consumer centricity plan, which led to the creation of its BodyMark and EZ Reach product lines.

-Delivering lifetime value is a foundational part of the family firm’s longstanding relationship with consumers all over the world. BIC is also fiercely proud of its entrepreneurial spirit and continuously innovates, creating value and finding new opportunities as a means to uphold its legacy.

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