How Can Identity Translate to Competitive Advantage?

Dr Axel Goehler, image courtesy of BESTMALZ.
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How Can Identity Translate to Competitive Advantage?

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Dr Axel Göhler speaks to Ramia about BESTMALZ’ expansion, his unique perspective on the world of German family beer and the modern concept of craft. 

– Since 2014, CEO Dr Axel Göhler, the grandson of founder Max Göhler, has spearheaded the company’s international expansion. Now, BESTMALZ distributes quality malts to more than 85 countries, including the US, China and Brazil.

-The traditional German family malt producer is at the forefront of a recent surge in global demand for a modern bespoke beer experience, which, according to Dr Göhler, revolves around identity.

– German brewers by law must adhere to purity guidelines set out in the 16th Century, but Dr Göhler’s approach shows that there is still plenty of room to innovate, especially when it comes to logistics, customer care and IT support.

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