How Can You Market an Ancient Craft in a Modern World?

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How Can You Market an Ancient Craft in a Modern World?

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Samuel Bautista Lazo speaks with Ramia about indigenous production methods, the enduring quality they engender and the new channels he’s found to market his peoples’ product to the world.

– In the remote mountain village of Xiguie’a (Teotitlán del Valle), Mexico, Benizaa (Zapotec) families combine a consummately modern approach to marketing with ancient artisanship and singular local wisdom. The 14,000-year-old craft of Benizaa textile has gained traction with a global audience on the digital marketplace through Dixza Rugs and Organic Farm.

– Dixza is a business owned and operated by the Bautista Lazo family, master weavers for countless generations. Their rugs are hand-died and woven from “criollo” native wool, which honours both the timeless method of their ancestors, as well as the enduring quality they produced.

– Samuel Bautista Lazo is the latest in a long line of Bautista Lazos to run the business. Unlike his ancestors, however, he studied in England where his research focused on eco-efficiency, industrial ecology, eco-design and industrial waste management. It was other more mundane experiences while in London, however, that led to a sea change in the way his family business would operate.

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