What can the Wisdom of the Past Teach us about the Future?

Michael Connolly, courtesy of Kullilla-Art
The Family Business Voice Podcast
The Family Business Voice
What can the Wisdom of the Past Teach us about the Future?

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Michael Connolly Munda-gutta Kulliwari spoke to Ramia about the important lessons we can learn from aboriginal art and culture.

– The world is out of balance. The cycle of life was established long before humans, but we disrupted it and altered or destroyed elements that keep the planet healthy.

– To achieve this balance once again, the next generation must find fixing and maintaining their land more rewarding than supporting a world of economic disparity overseen by billionaires. For the world to heal and grow again, living in harmony must trump living in wealth.

It’s never too late to learn from the past. The world wasn’t always run like a machine – there was a time when the sun and the seasons guided our actions. In many ways, that message is what Aboriginal stories convey. That message of harmony is exactly what the world needs to hear right now.

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