The Dell family has made their name a household name in computers and technology. This is a result of Michael Saul Dell turning a college business of selling computers out of his University of Texas dorm room into one of the most identifiable Fortune 500 tech companies. His current net worth is estimated to be US$28.6 billion.

Dell started earning entrepreneurial accolades at a relatively young age. In 1989, he was named Inc. Magazine’s first ever Entrepreneur of the Year. Just three years later, in 1992, he became the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company. In 1989 Michael married Susan Lynn Lieberman and the couple had four children together: Alexa, Kira, Juliette and Zachary.

Susan is deeply involved in the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, which oversees philanthropic efforts for the betterment of children’s lives. Zachary Dell took steps in his father’s path when he co-founded Thread, an online dating site in 2014. Today, he is Head of Operations & Growth for Sqwatt, an organization that builds low-cost sanitation solutions for the developing world.

In 2017, Alexa Dell got enegaged to millionaire real-estate investor Harrison Refoua.