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What is family business governance?

Two things are certain: Firstly, maintaining harmony in the family is difficult and secondly, running a successful business demands much hard work and discipline. How do we strike the perfect balance? Family business governance. 


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Why You Should Care About ESG

Why You Should Care About ESG

ESG is an acronym – let's start the conversation by unpacking it. E stands for Environmental, S for Social and G for Governance: issues that positively or negatively impact businesses on a fundamental level....
Five Critical Questions for Family Offices

Five Critical Questions for Family Offices

Dr Alexander Koeberle-Schmid, family business expert at PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH, Germany, has helped more than 100 entrepreneurial families from around the world navigate the complexities of communal investing. His latest book, The Family Office: A...
Jetwing: Sri Lanka's People-Centric Hospitality Giant

Jetwing: Sri Lanka’s People-Centric Hospitality Giant

For more than four decades, family-owned hospitality group Jetwing has shared Sri Lanka's unparalleled beauty with the world by booking itineraries and hosting visitors in their hotels. Jetwing's entrepreneurial journey – from a single 6-room...
From Feud to Philanthropic Success

From Family Feud to Successful Conflict Management

This content is brought to you by the Family Enterprise Case Competition (FECC), the world's only case competition focused exclusively on family business.When Richard Owens’ grandfather passed away prematurely at 54, he would have never imagined that the story...
Family Business and the Succession Journey

Family Business and the Succession Journey

In major league baseball, the greatest players, on average, hit the ball three out of every ten times. That means even the best players have a 70 per cent chance of failing every time...