What is family business governance?

Two things are certain: Firstly, maintaining harmony in the family is difficult and secondly, running a successful business demands much hard work and discipline. How do we strike the perfect balance? Family business governance. 


Governance Articles

STRATEGY: The Emergence of Holding Companies

STRATEGY: The Emergence of Holding Companies

Holding companies are an interesting legal construct – they are not operational, so do not provide a product or service – but their business is the ownership of assets. Since the Rockefeller’s pioneering Standard...
7 Powerful Questions to Better Family Firm Consultancy

7 Powerful Questions to Better Family Firm Consultancy

Since the field was identified in the 1980s, research on family-owned enterprises worldwide has grown exponentially. Although much is known, there is plenty more to discover when it comes to the rapidly changing dynamics...
Finding your Safe Space

Finding Your Safe Space

For any Family Business, risk and jeopardy can be found at just about every turn. Often, it can be found in the least likely places. It could very well be that the greatest risk...

Philips: A Legacy of Innovation and Sustainability

When the Philips Corporation launched their sustainability vision in 2012, it was seen by many as a brand new venture into furthering 21st-century technology. There can be no question, the Dutch-based company was viewing...

The Model CEO: How Hamdi Ulukaya is Forging New Paths in the Chobani Boardroom

Hamdi Ulukaya is not the first CEO to carve out new paths within his industry. Certainly, his Greek yogurt company Chobani, founded in upstate New York in 2005, is credited with launching a brand...