Quentin Fleming

Hiring in the Family Business
Image courtesy of Quentin Fleming.
Poland family business conference

Quentin Fleming knows the tact that family businesses must exercise when hiring or firing family members.

As a small-business consultant, Quentin Fleming discovered that family dynamics are essential when it comes to family business talent management. These dynamics become tenuous when family members underperform and, frequently, they underperform because they are not suitable for the positions they fill. Therefore, the error lies not with the family member but with the process that saw them hired in the first place.

The emotional bonds that tie family members together have the potential to affect business decisions. For example, hiring a family member, even if they lack the necessary skills to thrive in their position, is often easy, while telling them to go is difficult.

In his initial research for Keep the Family Baggage out of the Family Business: Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins that Destroy Family Businesses, Fleming found that the majority of family business literature focuses solely on the advantages of joining the family business. It offers little guidance for next-gens on the fence. Fleming was left with the question: if family hiring can make or break a business, how can it be approached in a way that ensures its safety and efficacy?