Daniel Krauss

ENTREPRENEURS: Flixbus - On Tech, Transportation, and Team Work
Daniel Krauss, Founder of Flixbus, Courtesy of Flixbus

Who is Daniel Krauss?

Daniel Krauss co-founded Flixbus in 2011 and is now managing director and chief information officer of the company. He was born in 1983 in Neheim-Hüsten and studied Economic Sciences at the FernUniversitätHage. Daniel has a background in Information Technology space and has worked for Siemens AG and Microsoft.

In the exclusive interview that we had with Daniel Krauss he talked about the disruption that Flixbus caused in the industry and how it created new business opportunities for several family-owned bus companies.

Before co-founding Flixbus in 2011, Daniel Krauss worked as Technical Account Manager at Microsoft.