Carlos Arbesú

Preparing for the Future in Perú Carlos Arbesú
Image courtesy of Carlos Arbesú.

Carlos Arbesú began his career advising and educating family businesses in a time of need.

It was the late 90s, and Spain was reeling from the effects of an economic recession. In confronting the crisis, the government and media focussed their attention on foreign investment from corporate multinationals, neglecting family businesses almost entirely. The need for an advocate was apparent. So, to promote their cause, Arbesú set up an association of family businesses.

Inspired by Miguel Angel Gallo, Europe’s first Family Business Chair at IESE Business School, Carlos Arbesú started consulting and doing governance work with family businesses as a board member. In this capacity, he observed and became fascinated by the functional aspects of family councils as well as the dynamics at play therein.

Later, Arbesú brought this fascination, along with the considerable expertise he developed in Spain, to Perú, where he’s helped LATAM family businesses thrive through education ever since.