Albert Bosch

Albert Bosch
Image courtesy of Albert Bosch

Living his purpose through his achievements in the great outdoors, Albert Bosch is one of the planet’s foremost adventure sports athletes as well as one of its leading advocates.

Some of the intrepid Spaniard’s noteworthy achievements include walking unassisted (98 per cent solo) from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, scaling the tallest mountain on each of the seven continents and participating in nine Dakar Rallies. Bosch routinely adapts methods to accomplish his goals without damaging the environment. In his last Dakar Rally, he drove an electric car; when running a marathon, he carries a bag for refuse.

The adventure sportsman is also a prolific entrepreneur, noting that his life as an adventurer would be impossible without the skills he’s developed in business. His latest venture, INVERGROUP, is a dedicated platform for projects in the green energy sector.

In his books, Bosch admits his past failures with ease and gratitude, referring to them as “building blocks.” His dedication shines through his work, which is an invaluable resource for others looking to define their purpose, realise their goals and unlock their potential.