Doisy & Dam: Organic Chocolate Made From Superfoods

Doisy & Dam Chocolates. Credit: Suitcasemag

We all have a love-hate relationship with chocolate for its sweet, indulging flavour and cruel effects on our waistlines. Though there has been a lot of research that proves the many health benefits of chocolate, most chocolate bars do more harm than good thanks to low cacao concentration and high sugar and fat content. But a London-based chocolate company is looking to change by producing chocolate that’s actually good for you.

Doisy & Dam was founded on a simple premise to create high-quality chocolate bars made from the finest organic chocolate and stuffed full of nutritious superfoods. The idea for the brand was developed by childhood friends Ed Smith, 26, and Richard Wilkinson, 27, whose dream was to start a business together making products that they could believe in and love. Armed with £11,000, the two left cushy corporate jobs to pursue their new lives as entrepreneurs.

Doisy & Dam founders. Credit: House of Coco

Organic Dreams

“We just wanted to run our own thing together, whatever that was. We discussed every business idea you can think of. Some were absolutely ridiculous,” explains Smith. Having been enthusiastic foodies, the two focused their efforts on creating a product that had the nutritional benefits of natural, healthy foods and without sacrificing the taste of an indulgent treat. The result was excellent chocolate loaded with superfood ingredients.

Superfoods are a mother’s dream come true; they’re foods packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals and possess some supposed health benefits, making them ‘super’ as opposed to regular fruits and vegetables. Though the term has come under fire from some nutritionists as being a mere marketing gimmick, Doisy & Dam make sure that its chocolates aren’t just about empty words by incorporating foods and ingredients that are proven to have exceptionally high nutritional value.

Doisy & Dam Chcolates. Credit: House of Coco

Today, the company’s line-up of healthy chocolate flavors read like a nutritionist’s grocery list, with names such as Date & Himalayan Pink Salt, Coconut & Lucuma, Coffee & Sprouted Buckwheat and Lemon & Poppyseed. Each bar is handcrafted in Norfolk using the optimum natural ingredients, and all of them are 74% organic chocolate and totally vegan.

Tasty and Healthy

Chocolate purists need not despair, however – according to the founders, the response to such exotic chocolates has been nothing short of enthusiastic. “If we’re to believe what our polite customers have told us, then people seem to love our products! We’ve been growing pretty quickly, and the demand for our products appears to be ever increasing,” says Smith.

Doisy & Dam Chocolate. Credit: The Gluten Free Food Diary

In 2014, the brand launched into some health food stores across the UK including Ocado, Whole Foods, and Planet Organic, and is currently looking to expand into national stockists and wholesalers, as well as cafés and gyms.

Though their wild chocolates will remain at the center of their business, Smith and Wilkinson are planning to release an entire range of healthy but delicious snacks and drinks such as cold and hot brew cacao. “Any indulgent food you can think of, we want to turn into a healthy snack, basically,” says Wilkinson. “I think a huge movement is happening in the food world. People are making pre-existing products better for you. It isn’t going away and doesn’t feel like a fad.”

Doisy & Dam Chocolate. Credit: Shutup Studio