Paul Fang founded the Midea Group in the late 60s as an appliance manufacturing company. Over time, he expanded Midea’s production to include electric appliances and parts, water, flooring, air conditioning and heating.

In 2016, the company incorporated KUKA, a German robotics company. KUKA’s claim to fame came from developing the world’s first industrial robot in 1977. Their creative model helped to shape Midea’s line into an all-encompassing electric, automated appliance dealer. The merger of these two innovative developers is now arguably the largest producer of robots and appliances on earth.

The company began opening international production facilities in 2007 and currently has 60 branches overseas. A new office in New Jersey in 2015 doubled its land size in the USA, and the establishment of a new production plant in Kentucky has piqued the attention of economic investors in the company as they watch to see what plans Midea has for expansion and job building in the Americas.