Prioritising familial closeness to the same level as growth and prosperity in business has seen the Arrigoni Group thrive over three generations.

Arrigoni began as the entrepreneurial project of three brothers who emigrated from Italy in 1953, bringing their advanced metalworking techniques to Santiago, Chile. In their suitcases, they chose tools over clothes, and in their business, they chose the bond of family to forge a Latin American steel industry powerhouse.

They passed the company and the values that built it to their children – cousins who became sisters and brothers in business. The second generation capitalised on their solidarity to expand the business, securing manufacturing projects on the national stage while diversifying beyond the bounds of the steel industry.

Today, the Arrigoni Group offers comprehensive services in mining, energy, industry, commerce and infrastructure in Chile and abroad. The business’s third generation pays homage to family unity and communication, part of an inherited value system central to the company’s nearly 70 years of success.