family business forward

COVID-19 has forced us to deal with an unexpected new reality, the implications of which are becoming more apparent day by day. For family businesses and entrepreneurs, it is a time of difficult decisions and a search for opportunities amidst challenges.

It is also the time to keep our minds firmly focused forward – towards a future that, although uncertain, also holds great potential. In an attempt to support everyone in doing so, we have put together this page which is an ongoing effort and curates past and current Tharawat Magazine content that will be useful in planning the future.

family business forward is also dedicated to a growing collection of free tools and resources that experts all over the world have generously made available to business owners in these trying times.




Private Sector Helping Businesses Affected by COVID-19

Facebook has announced $100 million in grants and ad space for companies that are affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. Private investors like Wisefund are looking to collaborate with local businesses to help shore up the economy. - Contact local community foundations...


Millennials - Why You Need Them and How You Can Retain Them

Millennials – Why You Need Them and How to Keep Them

Millennials (people born between 1981 and 1996) are often thought of as a paradox in today’s business culture. So much has been written about...